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Glastonbury – A tent is for life not just for a festival

So that’s it from Glastonbury for another year. With the controversy of Kanye West headlining Saturday night and stating that he is “the greatest living rock star on the planet”, to the debut of Lee-zus (aka Lee Nelson) gate crashing Kanye’s set and the roaring reception of Lionel Richie we can definitely say this one will be remembered for a while.

Glastonbury Festival, Britain - 27 Jun 2015  

With 177,550 attendees at Worthy Farm each year there will be a significant level of litter generated at the festival. So we decided to investigate HOW GREEN IS GLASTONBURY?

In 2014 the festival recycled; 114 tonnes of composted organise waste, 400 tonnes of chipped wood, 23 tonnes of glass, 85 tonnes of cans and plastic bottles, 41 tonnes of cardboard,11.2 tonnes of clothing, tents and sleeping bags. Overall 983 tonnes of waste was collected with 54% of it being recycled.

With the images of what has been left from Glastonbury this year is it possible they can do the same or even better than the previous year?

Glastonbury is trying to highlight the importance of recycling by promoting the phrases “Love the farm, leave no trace” as well as “Reduce, reuse and recycle”. Even with the introduction of these mottos it is still costing the festival around £780,000 to dispose of all the rubbish that is left at the festival. They have 15,000 bins and have 1,300 recycling crew volunteers as well as Small Steps Project who are a team of volunteers who do their bit to clean the site.

On a more cheerful note Glastonbury has managed to do things to improve and help the festival to become more environmentally sustainable. All of the tea, coffee, sugar and chocolate sold on site are all Fairtrade; they also run a Green Traveller Scheme to encourage travel by public transport, offering prizes and free food vouchers for those who participate. Reducing the Festival’s CO2 emissions is a top priority for the organisers of the festival.

Personal items such as tents and wellington boots are often left behind. Since 2011 Festival Reboot has worked with Glastonbury recycling any wellies that have been left, in their first year they collected 4000. Using the top half of the welly they are able to make and sell bracelets, drinks holders and notepads. From the money raised they then can send the lower section of the welly over to Kenya where they will be used for general footwear. They are also looking into making bean bag chairs filled with the off cuts of wellington boots which will result in nearly 100% recycling achievement. http://www.festivalreboot.co.uk/

If you are attending a festival this year and still haven’t bought a tent yet have a look at Green Tent Company; they are the first company in the world to design and manufacture tents that are solely made of polyester which means they can be recycled. They also offer a ‘Purchase and Collect’ service at festivals as well as a drop off point when you are finished. http://www.thegreententcompany.co.uk/

ReTent is another service which provides an incentive for campers for to repeatedly reuse their tents. The company believe that there is a lack of connection between festival-goers and their tent. To improve this ReTent will spray a stamp onto the tent to recognise that they have been to that festival; the more festivals people go to with the same tent the more stamps they will get. This will hopefully give people the motivation to reuse their tents as it will become memorabilia of their time at the festivals.  http://www.thegreententcompany.co.uk/


Glastonbury has been a huge contributor to the local environment around the farm and charities. Since 2000, 10,000 native trees and hedge plants have been planted near to the site and £1 million has been donated to international and local charities each year. It is the single biggest donor to Greenpeace and also supports its official partners WaterAid and Oxfam.

Next up for us T in the Park 2015!


Spring Forward, Cycle Back: Find out why you should get back in the saddle this Spring

Are you tired of having to drive everywhere in your car, or having to wait for what feels like an eternity on the bus that always seems to be running late when you’re in a hurry? Got a bike rusting away in the shed that you bought years ago as part of a bungled new year’s resolution to keep fit and/or get in shape?


Well it’s never too late to act on that resolution, and while we’re at it there’s a solution to your travel problems. That solution is of course cycling (why else would I mention a bike). In the following piece I’m going to list four reasons why, if you are cycling, to keep it up, and if you don’t why you really should do as the benefits are rewarding to yourself and to the rest of the world.


  1. It’s good for your physical health

Let’s start with an easy reason; cycling is good for you. Are you after that summer beach body? Perhaps just wanting to get a little fitter? Cycling exercises all the important muscles and joints in your body, but it is less strenuous than running and allows for the body to have a pleasant experience while loosening up your body and making it much stronger. Cycling can in the long term prevent the future suffering of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure or heart attack, so it will ultimately help you to live a healthy long lasting life, and isn’t what we all strive for.


  1. It’s good for your mental health

Asides from being good for the body, cycling is also a great way of maintaining the strength of the mind. Had a stressful week and feel that the world is falling in on you? Well get on your bike. Cycling can be a useful way of reducing stress and alleviating feelings associated with anxiety and depression, this can be due in part to the exercise our body is experiencing and allowing for our mind to focus on the task at hand. Let us not forget also, the act of cycling is generally an enjoyable experience so it allows us to feel a sense of pleasure free from pesky stressful feelings.


  1. It’s good for your wallet and the economy

Let’s start this by saying that while buying a bike may be a costly purchase, the long term benefits to your wallet will be most beneficial. Aren’t we all tired of spending a small fortune on the costs of petrol for our cars and fares for public transport? Well if we took up cycling then you would save hundreds or possibly thousands of pounds a year.

Not only is cycling kind towards your bank balance, it’s been found to be helpful for the economy.  Cycling and the sales of cycling related goods made around  £3 billion for the British economy in 2010 alone, and cycling ultimately saves the UK economy almost £83 Million a year owing to the fewer sick days that cyclists take than their car driving colleges .  So as we can see, cycling is good for the wallet and ultimately it helps the country’s economy grow and save money at the same time. Isn’t it about time we heard some economic news that was positive for a change?


  1. It’s good for the environment

Of course it is common knowledge that petrol powered cars and public transport have contributed to the gradual environmental decline that the world has been going through for decades. So why not ditch the car and take up the bike? If we take up cycling we are saving the planet and our own money! We can preserve the environment that we still have and prevent any further erosion. What’s the point in cycling if we didn’t have some nice scenery to enjoy while we did it, so let’s cycle to preserve the world’ natural beauty.

fun cycling

  1. It’s good fun

Last but certainly not least, this point really shouldn’t need an explanation. Cycling is good for many things, the economy, the environment and the health of people both physically and mentally. While all this is amazing there is a far cleaner cut reason for doing it. It is downright good fun! Whether you are cutting down a mountain trail at 30 mph or making your way across the city to meet friends, getting out in that fresh air is an awesome experience. If you are not doing it for any of the reasons above, just do it for the fun of it. You won’t be disappointed!

We hope that this week’s blog post has inspired some of you to get yourselves back in the saddle this spring, as you can see there are plenty of reason why you should certainly think about it at least. A major part in SAUWS Environment’s newly funded project will focus on active travel over the coming year and there will be a load of opportunities for students and staff to get involved. Amongst the planned activities are group bike runs and Maintenance workshops providing in depth training on how you can maintain your own bike.

If this sounds like it may be up your street contact us at sustainability@sauws.org.uk to be added to our mailing list. Also you can catch us on Facebook and Twitter.