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COP 21 by Florent Montoya

In 1997, the Kyoto Protocol was signed in order to reduce gas emissions, such as CO2 in the atmosphere and fight the global warming of our planet. To limit the industrial pollution, some countries have implemented laws and taxes, when others proposed targets or maximum emissions.

climate-change_1509200cEven with this agreement and regulations on industry, global temperatures are still rising. It increased by one degree during the last century, and we are heading to one more this century. If the earth’s temperature gains another degree, it will be the limit for us to have a safe life, for a healthy environment and an efficient economy. Global warming, is contributing to the melting of the glaciers and rise of the sea level, to the destruction of ecosystems, to weather changing… and all of that impacts humankind. Villages are flooded, crops are destroyed and food doesn’t grow correctly, new diseases are appearing and finally, states are spending billions of dollars to try to fix these issues.

Because of the “failure” of the Kyoto Protocol to reduce gas emissions, the COP21 conference will be held in Paris in December 2015 in order to find new ways to reduce pollution, and to regulate companies and industry; but this time, all countries will have to implement the same rules and laws. Governments will try to find solutions to fight over-consumption of energy and above all reject toxic gas emissions in the atmosphere. They will promote renewable green energies using the sun, water, wind or natural warmth.

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As a student, you can do something to save the planet as well. Indeed basic actions made by a lot of people can change the future. For example remember to turn off the light when leaving a room, and shut down your TV or computer when you’ve finished using them. Also recycling your waste is very important because making a can from recycled material uses 3 times less energy than creating a new one.

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Above all, you have to teach other people how to do all of that, explain to them why they have to work for the planet and their future. Show them the benefits of their actions.