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Sustainable Travel by Florent Montoya

This December will see Paris host the COP21, the biggest conference yet, aimed at changing the regulation for environment and climate change. Today, due to globalisation, exchanges between countries are more and more important with people and merchandise having to travel more regularly.

As people travel to discover new countries and cultures and to create new business and partnerships, aeronautic industry tries to find new eco-friendly ways to fly. Airbus is a major actor in this field with the E-Fan project. Indeed the company created a plane which uses 100% electric power!

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This little plane is the first plan totally eco-friendly machine as it does not emit any harmful gases, such as CO2 in the atmosphere on account of it not being powered by fossil fuels. It flew for the first time in 2014, and in 2015 it crossed the English Channel to show the world that air travel is not dependent on petrol, and that electricity can provide enough energy to fly safely above the sea.


Moreover, the benefits of travelling with an electric plane will also change the lives of thousands of people living next to airports. Indeed electrical engines are much quieter than what we are used to and creates less vibrations so these long white strips will tend to disappear of our blue sky.

As the E-Fan is a real success, Airbus is designing a 4-seat version and is developing more powerful engines to fly longer distances. The company hopes that they will be able to provide 100% electric passenger plans such as A321 or even the huge A380 by 2050.

So today everyone is doing something for environment, even YOU can do something. So if you want to travel, favour green means of transport such as the train or even your bike for shorter distances! And maybe in few years you will fly to another continent in a 100% electric and quiet plane such as the E-Fan!