The SAUWS Environment blog provides up to date news, information and advice about sustainable living for students and staff within the University of the West of Scotland. The blog focuses upon the key themes of the project, being active travel, gardening, energy saving and waste reduction, to inspire healthy sustainable actions for a brighter future.

SAUWS Environment co-ordinates a wide range of events and activities across each campus including:

UWS Community Gardens

IMG_7211 edit
The UWS Community garden offers students and staff the opportunity to work together to develop a plot on each of the UWS campuses. The project offers a chance to be part of a real community; working together to create something beautiful that helps to develop a sustainable way of life for the future. With each harvest volunteers can sample the fruits of their labour, in the form of fresh seasonal produce, picked straight from the garden.
The gardens rely on volunteers for the upkeep and maintenance and you can volunteer with us even if you have no prior gardening experience. Our weekly garden sessions are open to you and guarantee a friendly welcome, all equipment is provided.
If you are interested in growing your own vegetable, or just getting out in the fresh air and meeting new people this coming term, please contact Melanie.Hall@sauws.org.uk

Active travel

Throughout the year SAUWS Environment work to encourage active travel within students and staff at the university. The team organises free bike maintenance workshops, bicycle confidence training, and over the coming term we will be organising guided bike tours, including free cycle hire. Each UWS campus features its own Bicycle Users Group (BUGS). Whether you cycle for fun or as a constant means of transport, sign up at http://www.scotbug.com/UWS .

Energy Saving and Waste Reduction

SAUWS Environment encourage energy saving and waste reduction on campus and halls of residence. Throughout the year the team will be running activities and workshops focusing on the best ways the best ways that students can save energy, as well as money.

Visit Watts On? Facebook page for further details.

The team also runs a Swap Shop on each campus on a regular basis; this gives students the chance to pick up items such as kitchenware, books and clothing for free, which have previously been donated by other students. This offers students the opportunity to recycle items instead of sending them to landfill.

The Swap Shop runs on a regular basis, to keep up to date with where and when join the Free-cycleUWS facebook group.


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