A Truly Grand Opening!

On Wednesday 16th September, after loads of hard work and commitment, the Sustainability Hub was officially opened by Paul Martin, Deputy Principle at UWS, and Jack Douglas, SAUWS President, at the Fresher’s Festival in Paisley.


We were overwhelmed by the response that we had from staff and students with well over 500 visitors on the day, getting involved in a variety of activities. The SAUWS Free Shop is a FREE second-hand shop that encourages recycling and reuse, and it was completely overrun and 216 items were given away to students that want them, rather than them being thrown to landfill. This includes all sorts of items, such as kitchen equipment, book and clothes. We also collect items and they have already started coming in! Contact sustainability@sauws.org.uk if you have anything you would like to donate.


We also had the Watt Bikes in the hub which let students see how much power they can produce in 6 seconds and realise how much human energy it takes to power different appliance around the home, such as a washing machine, TV or Xbox. Students and staff alike were keen to get involved with the competition that we ran to see who could produce the greatest amount of Watts. Amadou Kassarate, a Sports Science student from the Hamilton campus, proved the man to beat on the day, producing 1305 W of power!


Glasgow based upcycling charity, Rags to Riches, were also part of the fun as they came and held a jewellery workshop making earrings, bracelets, necklaces and key rings out of upcycled bicycle inner tubes. Students said they thoroughly enjoyed the workshop so we will definitely be putting more workshops on in the future! Keep your eyes peeled!!

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The entire SAUWS Environment team really enjoyed being able to interact with the students and tell them what we will be up to in the coming months. We hope you all enjoyed the day as much as we did! With hard work comes great reward….!

We are open Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 10am – 3pm, come and see us!



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